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Local & Global Business Owner Network

The Ultimate Business Owner NetworkBusiness Owner Networking

The Alternative Board community provides provides TAB Board Members the opportunity to connect in a worldwide forum of like-minded business owners who are looking for success. TAB Members are provided access to the TAB Connect network, an online “members only” collaboration group of very active members who are asking questions and providing assistance to other TAB Members

Need Assistance Beyond Your Local TAB Board?

If you are facing business challenges that your local board has been unable to assist you with, or you are looking for a more global perspective, then TAB Community is a great option for you. TAB members in St. Petersburg, Largo, Seminole, and Bellair Bluffs are able to help each other solve their business challenges by tapping into our global business owner network.

When you submit your business challenges or opportunity questions to TAB Connect, you have the ability to receive feedback from a network of thousands of business owners from around the world. This provides you with access to the tools, resources, and tactics that top business leaders across the world are using to maximize their business efficiency and meet their goals.

Provide Assistance to Global TAB Members

When you are active on TAB Community, you not only have the ability to get assistance with issues you and members of your local TAB Board may be facing, you can provide assistance and advice to global TAB Members also utilizing the TAB Connect resource. Giving back to the global community can not only provide assistance to others, analyzing their challenges can often help you to gain better insight into your own issues.

This type of synergy is what TAB is famous for. We take the individual business leader, provide them with a local support group, a dedicated business coach, and access to a global support system, so that we all have the opportunity to learn and grow together. This synergy makes us more effective business leaders individually, builds a stronger local business community, and provides a global perspective.

Other Ways TAB Aids with Personal & Professional Growth

Have an issue that can’t wait for your next TAB Board Meeting or Tab Business Coaching Session? In addition to TAB Connect, TAB Board Members are also provided access to a members-only hotline. The TAB Hotline provides you with community resources, as well as access to a TAB Facilitator when you need it most.

This combination of resources and tools at your disposal means that you are never without the guidance and advice of TAB. Whether you are looking for advice, ready to assist others, or simply looking for new ways to network with other business leaders in your community, TAB is here to help you connect with both a local and global group of other business leaders who are looking for the same opportunities.

TAB Connect is the ultimate business owner network designed specifically to help you quickly resolve your business challenges. Connect with TAB and experience global business owner networking and TAB member collaboration at its finest.

Call us at 727-512-5585 to find out how The Alternative Board can transform your business and life.