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4 Common Misconceptions About Peer Advisory Boards

  When you need advice or suggestions on a vacation getaway you are planning or your next car, to whom do you turn? Family or friends are your first choice, right? Why? You probably know they’ve tried different options and you value their opinions. Why not do the same when it comes to business decisions? … read more

The Right Feedback Can Boost Employee Retention

  Business owners and CEOs need a variety of skill to be great leaders. The ability to provide meaningful, constructive feedback is a critical one. The people they lead at all levels within their organization want to do their best. They can’t accomplish this goal if they don’t have clear input from those that at … read more

Understanding the True Cost of Employees

  If you ask any of your employees what their pay is, they will quite naturally reply by stating their hourly rate or annual salary. If you ask these employees what they are costing you as their employer, most would give you the same response.   This limited view of compensation can lead to some … read more

Company “Retreats are so 90’s

  When developing a strategic plan, many companies go offsite once a year for a “retreat.” However, is there a better way? In battle terms, retreating is an inherently defensive and reactionary move — it implies the leaders of the company are leaving the field with their tails between their legs. Employees may ask themselves: … read more

3 Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

The average entrepreneur is working 7.7 more hours per week than they would like to. In fact, 85% of business owners are working over 40 hours a week according to a recent survey by The Alternative Board. Even though business owners are great at making the most of limited resources, they still want more. If … read more