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Company “Retreats are so 90’s

  When developing a strategic plan, many companies go offsite once a year for a “retreat.” However, is there a better way? In battle terms, retreating is an inherently defensive and reactionary move — it implies the leaders of the company are leaving the field with their tails between their legs. Employees may ask themselves: …
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3 Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

The average entrepreneur is working 7.7 more hours per week than they would like to. In fact, 85% of business owners are working over 40 hours a week according to a recent survey by The Alternative Board. Even though business owners are great at making the most of limited resources, they still want more. If …
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Social Media – Small Business Pulse Survey

  The Alternative Board found, in a study they recently conducted, that 64% of small business owners are looking at their social media accounts one time or less per week. Only 22% monitor it a few times a year. If social media is a valuable, practical and cost efficient, why aren’t business owners spending more …
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5 Critical Skills Innovative Leaders Share

In today’s knowledge economy, innovation is critical. From driving growth to finding new methods to deliver value to new customers, U.S. companies spend $145 Billion dollars on R&D each year according to a global study by PwC on Global Innovation. In a separate study, CEOs ranked “human capital” and “innovation” as the top two long-term …
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