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Advisory Board Meetings

Business Owners Working Together, Peer Board
The Alternative Board (TAB) Business Owner Advisory Board Meetings are the perfect opportunity for you to benefit from the power of collective wisdom, drive, creativity, and accountability, and to gain clarity through the advice of your local business contemporaries.

Local Business Leaders Working Together

Meet with local business owners from St. Petersburg, to Clearwater to share expertise, discuss challenges, solve problems, and help each other seize new opportunities. Your TAB Business Owner Advisory Board will empower you to create an actionable, strategic plan for your business that aligns your career goals with your personal goals, and will hold you accountable for accomplishing those goals. All meetings are conducted under the guidance of a qualified, trained board facilitator.

A typical TAB Board Meeting consists of:

  1. Introductions & Greetings: We greet each other like the friends and contemporaries we are, both on a personal and professional level.
  2. Education: We learn something new about a subject or trend that may impact our businesses.
  3. Sharing: Each member has the opportunity to share an issue or situation on which they hope to gain perspective. The other board members ask questions and share practical advice on how they would handle the situation if they were in your situation. You will have the opportunity to share your own issue that you need help with, as well as provide feedback and suggestions to other board members on how to best handle their unique situations.
  4. Goal Setting & Accountability: Each board member lists their business goals for the next 30 days, quarter, and year, as well as reviewing the status of past goals. If goals have not been met, or assistance is needed with meeting goals, we work together to determine why the goal has not been met, and how we can assist each other in goal completion.
  5. Planning: We plan and establish the agenda for the next upcoming board meeting.

Individual Attention with TAB Business Coaching

If you are looking for more personalized guidance, you may benefit from a business coaching session with your facilitator. During these meetings, you can work one-on-one with your facilitator to set business goals, discuss opportunities, and work towards developing a healthy work/life balance. Individual access to your personal business coach is only one of the benefits provided by your TAB Membership.

Share Your Expertise with TAB Board Members

TAB membership also provides you with the unique opportunity to give back to your local business community. You are not only able to obtain assistance with your business issues, as a TAB Board Member, you can provide your insight and perspective to other business leaders in your group who may be struggling. Sharing your expertise and working together to accomplish goals is what TAB is all about. You not only get the benefit of having your own team of business mentors, you are able to develop skills that will allow you to be a more effective mentor within your organization as well.

Are you ready for your own sounding board of like-minded, driven, and experienced professionals?

Get ready to achieve your goals: Join a TAB Business Owner Advisory Board!

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